Thursday, July 24, 2008

New HCL - OSX86 Library

Information stored in HCL (Hackintosh Compatibility List) is priceless. Losing this data would be a big step back for OSX86 community. Few months ago somebody came up with a new HCL project for OSX86 community, called OSX86 Library. Very nice design, and probably very nice functionality. Probably because the site isn't ready yet, since it was introduced on HCL is great because of its functionality and big amount of information. As for me a new "service" which would replace or just steal some traffic from original HCL is pointless. Why to change something already working? Few months back HCL was temporarily abandoned from any kind of admin work which messed up a little bit all the entries. But the problem was resolved by new admins, and everything is fine today. The OSX86 Library is a very nice idea indeed. To have all you need for your hardware in one place: hardware description, drivers and How-To`s. Only one little issue is still there: It does not work (now!).


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)