Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I use this: Dropbox

Dropbox Logo

Hi! If you still don't use Dropbox, it's time to start. As of now you can get up to 32GB of free space (the referral space just doubled to 500MB). You can use it on your iOS, Android, BlackBerry to automatically upload pictures to your Dropbox and quickly share them with others.
Dropbox Logo

Dropbox integrates into Facebook and Twitter so you can share your files with your friends and coworkers. You can share your files with anybody, not only Dropbox users!
My favorite feature is the way Dropbox handles my files. Similar to OSX Lion, Dropbox saves versions of your files. So even when you change it in your Dropbox, or accidentally delete it, you can still restore it to the last know version. This functionality doesn't require OSX Lion!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apple Wireless Keyboard in Windows 7: Key Mapping Solution

Freeware from google code: KEY MAPPER

I have been looking for this for a long time! I hated using my Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows 7 because of key mapping: cmd + w should close tabs and windows, copy and paste but under Windows 7 it opens Start Menu. I almost gave up my hope few months ago after reading on some blog that the only solution is to install Boot Camp drivers for Apple Keyboard. I tried it with no luck and gave up. (installing Boot Camp drivers may still work) 

Better and faster solution is Key Mapper ! This small (615KB in size) program will bring the speed and comfort of your Apple Wireless Keyboard to Windows 7. You won't be able to switch back and forth between mappings because of the way Windows 7 is handling them, but who would like to switch back to standard useless mapping with! On the side note, there is one restart necessary for your mappings to take effect (again it is a Windows 7 thing only).

Here is how it works.

After Installation you will have to start the program and click on Mappings > Show > Boot Mappings. Now we will have to map 2 keys. Left Control to Left Windows and Left Windows to Left Control. Here is a picture for reference how a mapping for Apple Wireless Keyboard should look like:

Freeware from google code: KEY MAPPER

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iPhone 5 Website Leaked

The new iPhone won't be released till autumn (september or october as many sources claim). This video is unfortunately fake but uses renderings made out of chinese iPhone 5 cases which were found in china. The iPhone5 specifications found on the page are also in line with all rumors found on the web. The new iPhone looks nice and makes you want it straight away but, as I said, you will have to wait till september or october to buy it.

For those confused, this video shows the new iPhone 5 which will be released later this year and sold for roughly the same price as iPhone 4 when it was released. The cheaper model, one that everybody is talking about will be a modified version of iPhone 4 as iPhone 3GS will be discontinued.

iPhone 5 rumors:

  • curved back (similar to iPod's) acting as an antenna
  • new or modified A5 processor (current one overheats)
  • bigger screen with edge-to-edge display (4")
  • 8 MP camera with 1080p recording

Video iPhone 5 rumors roundup :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Updating Chameleon boot loader to latest SL and Lion ready

Installing Chameleon can be a pain! So somebody went so far and created a small tool which does it all for you. You can find it on site. The program itself is new and probably buggy, if you have no other choice or no clue give it a go. It simplifies installing and choosing boot options all in one small menu. Somebody might say there is an app for that, yes there is Lizzard, where you can edit your mac id, change boot options and so on. I found Lizzard to be quite problematic and have to deal with the mess it got me to. Sometimes shortcuts aren't the way to go. And really, if you know how to install Chameleon manually, then you know how to resolve few frustrating problems yourself like bad CPU recognition and so on. But hey, you don't need a degree in informatics to use a MAC :)

Champlist Hompepage:

Here are screenshots of Champlist and some most important options:

Champlist will guide you through Chameleon install and setup. It will download the latest Chameleon trunk and install it on partition you will have to choose.


General and CPU

Use kernel cache: means your system won't generate new cache every time you boot, its a standard -f boot flag in snow leopard.

Ethernet (Bulit-in): if your network card is compatible you can use it

Force HPET (High Precision Event Timer): needed for some motherboards which don't have it as option in BIOS. Google your board and your will know. You need it to work if you want sleep and hibernation

Legacy Logo: does what it says.

Use GUI: does what it says.

CPU: if your cpu is supported, you can enable c or p states.

USB and Flags

USB Bus Fix
EHCI acquire - in case osx has problems controlling your USB hardware (Plug and Play OS?)
EHCI hard - not a clue,
UHCI reset - reset?
USB Legacy Off - does what it says

npci=0x2000 solves some pci problems, helps booting Lion
Verbose Boot: do it if you want to see the matrix
Ignore Cache: loads every kext on the system and checks if there is a hardware for it
32bit = Atari mode
64bit = new Age 

Graphics and CD rom

Enabler - our good friend, detects your gfx. Use it when you have a compatible card
Use NVIDIA Rom - you can use external rom with your card.
Use ATI Rom - same as… 

Rescan - Chameleon will rescan at boot if there is a bootable CD/DVD in your drive, so you can choose it and boot from it.
Rescan Prompt - you can choose to rescan
Scan single drive - aha?

Others and Bios

Wait - time chameleon boot menu is waiting for your reaction
Force Wake

Drop SSDT - does what it says, SSDT is not DSDT
DSDT path - choose your DSDT file
SMBios path - where is it?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hackintosh OSX Lion full Install guide

Short review:

OSX Lion or just simply Lion, is Snow Leopard in lion's skin. I wrote a while back, how I don't want to upgrade my hack, and I sill didn't (in OSX Lion install problems). Apple decided to go for iOS look and feel in few programs. Mail, iCal, FaceTime, PhotoBooth look like they are ported directly from iPad. The new way to lunch apps on mac is Launchpad, which is GREAT! Really I didn't think I will say this but, they nailed it! It really speeds things up! I don't really get Mission Control which is just a minor improvement to Expose, but Launchpad is nice!

Let's think about it for a bit. The new Safari 5.1 introduced with Lion can be installed on Snow Leopard. Why? Because it is nice to have a secure and up to date browser on all systems. Wait! Wouldn't it be nice to have Lauchpad on every Snow Leopard running Mac, without the need of upgrading? As I said Lion is just like Snow Leopard with some minor tweaks here and there plus few apps in iOS look.

As we speak people are porting FrontRow back to Lion because they miss it! So why not port back? Would you upgrade to Lion if you would get Launchpad in next update??? 
I don't believe Apple will ever do that, so let's update!

!!!!Before we continue, please back up your data: most important for this installation is your Extra folder. Back it UP!!!!

OSX Lion update procedure:

1. Download Lion from the App Store

Problems downloading or verifying: modify boot.plist


If you still have problems using App Store it is probably related to your Hackintosh Identifier like iMac 9,1 or MacBook 9,1. Those Identifiers don't exist and that's why using AppStore is failing! 

Use Lizard app or osx86 tools to quickly modify your data.

2. Make a copy of Install OSX Lion if you don't want to download it again.
If you have more then one system to install you can save yourself some time here. Just copy it from Application Folder, where it will be after download, to Application Folder on another mac or hack. 

Or use this guide to burn a bootable install DVD:
osx lion installation with chameleon 2.0 part 1

3. Start the OSX Lion Installer

If you don't get any errors like: "This disk cannot be used to start up your computer" you will have to reinstall Chameleon or in worst case scenario do a fresh Snow Leopard install. 

4. After install is finished start, restart your computer and boot back into Snow Leopard
At the boot screen in Chameleon (yes u have it installed to run Snow Leopard) choose, Snow Leopard partition. If you don't remember seeing this boot screen you will have to change /Extra/ to something like this:


Add it to your Boot.plist or change 0 string to a value you like.

5. After booting to Snow Leopard open Disk Utility and create a new partition for Lion Installer. It should be big enough for all OSX Lion install files. Lets Make it 8GB!


HFS Journaled or Mac OS Extended Journaled with GUID partition table.
Don't forget to go into options and check if GUID is enabled.

6. Open xMove from tonymacx86 and run it. All this program does is copying all the files OSX Lion Installer unpacked on your Snow Leopard partition to your newly created partition. 

WARNING: DO NOT choose existing Snow Leopard as the Destination.
(thanks Zinzan)

7. Install Chameleon 2.0 on your 8GB Partition and your Snow Leopard drive so that Lion Installer can boot and.

Use this guide found at

A. Installing Lion on separate New Drive:

After step 7 you install OSX Lion on your new hard drive. After install you boot into Snow Leopard to install Chameleon on new hard drive where you installed OSX Lion.

B. You want to install over Snow Leopard partition.
In step 7 you already installed new lion compatible Chameleon on Snow Leopard partition.

C. If you have problems booting your newly installed OS use bootable version of iBoot 3.1 or higher to boot into your partition. Remember to back up your Extra folder.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

OSX Lion installation with Chameleon 2.0 for Lion



  •   Snow Leopard hackintosh
  •   Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
  •   Supported GPU (GT120, ATI4870 etc.)
  •   Retail Snow Leopard DVD (if not installed)
  •   Snow Leopard 10.6.7 Combo Update (if not installed)
  •   OSX Lion from App Store $29
  •   iBoot 3.1 and MultiBeast 3.7.3 from
  •   Chameleon RC5 r828 Found at
  •   DSDT.aml for your motherboard (if not already installed in your Extra folder)

Creating a Bootable Install Disc for Mac OS X Lion

1. Find the Mac OS X Installation file in Applications Folder. Right-click on it and choose “Show Package Contents”. You are looking for “SharedSupport” folder, inside you will find a disc image called “InstallESD.dmg”

2. Copy “InstallESD.dmg” to your Mac OS X Desktop or somewhere where you want it to be for the moment.

3. Burn It with Disk Utility.

//to be continued...

Creating a Bootable USB Drive and Mac OS X Lion installation

1. Follow the steps 1 and 2 from "Creating a Bootable Install Disc for Mac OS X Lion".

2. Open "InstallESD.dmg" and mount "BaseSystem.dmg"

3. Open DiskUtility and partition your USB stick.

4. In DiskUtility choose your new partition on USB stick and click the restore tab. 

5. Drag the Mac OS Base System image in the source and your USB stick partition in destination and click restore.

6. Your partition will be renamed to Mac OS Base System.
Go to System/Installation and delete packages folder.

7. From mounted BaseSystem.dmg copy Packages folder back to Mac OS Base System on your USB stick.

8. You also need to copy this to your USB partition root folder, just drop it on USB Stick icon:

you will have to use Terminal to see hidden files on your drives, just type this: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

>   disk_label boot.efi 
>   kernelcache 
>   mach_kernel
>   MacOSX_Media_Background.png.

9. Install Chameleon on your USB Stick (my guide to install Chameleon here)

google: Chameleon RC5 Lion Installer on OSX Lion release day.

or use: latest Chameleon 2.0 Found at

10. Copy your Extra Folder from your Snow Leopard partition to USB Stick root partition.

11. Restart

12. Boot from iBoot cd you burned before and choose Mac OSX Base System partition as the one you want to boot from.

You should be able to boot off your USB Stick aka Mac OSX Base System partition and start installing OSX Lion. During installation you should open DiskUtility and reformat/repartition your old Snow Leopard drive if you want to use only OSX Lion.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ahead of Lion launch watch some video install guides :-)

OSX Lion Developer Preview 4 Benchmark

OSX Lion USB install

OSX Lion install guide (with few modifications will fit your mobo too!)

Lifehacker Hackintosh Lion video install guide. If you don't know it watch it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

bluetooth on mac


>>>Update<<< Chameleon 2.0 for Lion here: 

Here you can read how to fix your CSR bluetooth dongle: prasys article on bluetooth

There are many Bluetooth adapters out there, all of them more or less compatible with windows. If you want to use Bluetooth on Mac you have to find out which Radio and Firmware it uses. Some of $2 dongles will work under mac. If your Bluetooth adapter isn't compatible out of the box, then you might be able to flash it to compatible Firmware. Flashing firmware requires bluetooth dongle which can be flashed. Usually those bigger ones like D-Link DBT-120.

The best compatibility you will get with D-Link DBT-120 v1,2,3, and b4. You will be able to flash it with Apple own bluetooth Firmware and thus get the max compatibility. Flashing can be done only on Tiger as the software doesn't work on Intel Macs. So if you have G5 or even G4 with Tiger or something older (it works from 10.3) I advise you to buy it, and you will never have problems with bluetooth. This dongle also works in BIOS (HCI HID automatic switching only when USB legacy is enabled in BIOS) so after it's plugged in you can trash your wired one.

Mac Compatible Radios:

CSR - Cambridge Silicon Radio (Vendor ID 0x0012)

Firmware Versions:
HAMA Bluetooth Nano - 5276 also 52.76 couldn't be Flashed (works on real Mac)
OEM No Name - 1963 also 19.62 couldn't be Flashed (works on real Mac)

Broadcom - Vendor ID 0xa5c
Only those versions are supported by Apple: Broadcom BCM2045/2046
Needs custom .kext or kext patching.

Compatilbe Bluetooth Dongles: (please do your own research, sleep might not work OOB)

BTD-123 Gembird
RF-FLBTAD Rocketfish
USBBT100 Linksys
BTA-6210 Cirago
Asus USB-BT21 Mini Bluetooth Dongle Asus
Bluetooth 2.1 USB Adapter (15542) Trust
Belkin Mini Bluetooth-Adapter Belkin
Trust (Broadcom BCM2045A)
D-Link DBT-122
Keysonic USB

Sunday, June 19, 2011

OSX Lion install problems


Do I want to do this again??? seriously ask yourself this question!
OSX Lion is like Snow Lepard with some iOS inspired UI's which only work when you have iOS style input device: trackpad! This time around I will wait very long to see the reason to upgrade my hardware. As far I'm concerned all components are 64bits now (that's why 32Bit Intel CPU's arent supported) but that's not a big enough reason for me to upgrade. I feel like Lion is more of a Snow Lion (Leopard ehh) version for Apple's laptops. I see no use for MagicTrackpad on a Desktop. Hearing stories how the MagicTrackpad is way better than mouse, I have to ask myself: really??? . But seriously, trackpad was invented because of mobility and space requirements, I won't use 3x3 space to move mouse on 24 inch screen when I have loads of space on my desk. Is Apple trying to drive sales of MagicMouse and Trackpad? How are they selling anyway? People I know bought it first day when it was available and returned it day after. Reason? They were holding it the wrong way thus their hands felt tired just few minutes after working with it. Thinking of Lion as a small update to snow leopard apple will have to release 64bit safari for, as it incuded TRIM in 10.6.8 recently. Enough of my though, let's prepare for update:

Our good friends at report some progress on osx lion. This blog will list all problems and solutions you might encounter:
The big hope is voltron, project started by nawcom and suported by prasys, go check it out.

1. Intel CPU at the moment only Intel cpus will work on hackintoshes, AMD users will have to wait for patched kernel and other fixes.

CPU: Intel (From Core2Duo and newer)

2. Bootloader/DSDT

Known projects:

iBoot from tonymacx86
voltron from mawcom
Chameleon (maybe?) new versions will be announced

3. Internet connection. Some sites report you will need to have compatible (out of the box) wireless card prior to installation as it is required to install lion.

Wireless Card/Internet Connection: none

Workaround: OOB wireless card, supposedly any snow leopard compatible wireless card will work.


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)