Tuesday, October 21, 2008

osx86 Up to date!

Back in the Tiger times, waiting for a custom updater for your beloved hack was a part of osx86. You ware waiting for weeks but at the end you were almost 100% sure the update will work, which gave you the "almost original Apple owner" feeling. Osx86 developers did care about people and didn't left them behind. Reading this you probably think about JaS, and yes I mean him. The updates weren't released straight after apple put their combo updaters online, but weeks after that. At the moment only Kalyway is continuing JaS philosophy: "no one left behind". I was shocked when I heard that bhast2, who is continuing work on Eddie11c's Leo4All didn't even planned to make some updaters. People using Leo4All were forced to find a walk-around and update it with Kalyways updater (Kalyway thank you again). But that is only one side of the story! Somebody could say that is not true, AMD users can easily update their systems through Zephyroth's AMD Software. And probably that is why the majority of Leo4All users uses AMD equipped systems. But wait Leo4all calls itself Leo 4 all or am I wrong there? Hopefully this will be changed with newer releases, which won't need any patching (or only very little patching) to be done. Yeap, dreaming about the milestone XNU voodoo 9.5 kernel.... till then, if your osx86 is older than 10.5.5, consider updating with this guide made by Berlin Open Computer Design!

>> Update: Yes it works for Leo4all v3, updating to 10.5.4 with no problems, 10.5.5 you will have to type update -v to get your system up.


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)