Thursday, April 17, 2008

OS X Graphics install: ATI or Nvidia

>>>Update<<< Chameleon 2.0 for Lion here: 

In 2001 Apple started offering Nvidia GeForce2 MX cards in PowerMacs G4. Till then all the graphics used by Apple came from ATI, is hard to estimate the share as the data is nowhere to find. Choosing a graphics card for OSX86 isn't that simple like for a Windows system due to compatibility issues. The support for any graphics card has to be enabled in every Hackintosh by simple adding an ID-string to let osx86 find the hardware or by using an installer. Even when your card is not supported and you can't get it to work with different patches OSX86 will boot normally, thanks to VISA.

Known issues with unsupported graphics are:

  • no video playback

  • mouse tearing (ATI related)

  • very rare artifacts

  • can't install some software with video dependencies like iMovie, iPhoto, FCP,

  • no dual monitors (works only on few cards)

  • no sleep/hibernate function

  • FrontRow not working

  • slow overall performance

    Installing Nvidia:

    NVinject Tiger and Leopard

    NVinject is a small injector for Nvidia ID-strings to apple original Nvidia kexts.
    Works for: GeForce FX 5, GeForce 6 and 7, Quadro FX, GeForce Go and Quadro Go.

    Pros: easy installation, have to drag and drop NVinject kext to your Extension folder, repair permissions, clear kext cache and the installation is done.

    Natit Tiger and Leopard

    Works for: GeForce 6 and 7 series and most ATI X1000 series
    Cons: 256MB VRAM or less only
    Pros: easy installation, just start the installer, reboot, cross your fingers and you have your graphics working.

    Installing ATI

    Callisto download Tiger only

    Works for: x200-x850, 7200-9850 and x1400 Mobility
    Cons: installation requires manual hex edit of original ATI kexts, help file included in package.
    Pros: you can get older cards to work with Tiger like X800 series or Radeon 9800 series

    Natit Tiger only

    Works for: ATI X1000 series
    Pros: easy installation, just start the installer, reboot, cross your fingers and you have your graphics working.

    MacLovin Leopard Only

    Works for all X1000 series
    Cons: need to hand edit some kexts to add your card id.

    Natit from Netkas Leopard Only

    Cons: ATI X2600 series only
    Pros: easy install, drag and drop, many ID`s included in package, sleep should work Install guide

    If you are still experiencing some problems with you graphics card, check the internet page of your suitable .kext or installer developer for some news or updates. Try to install it again and again. If your installation doesn't work straight away, read the installation guide once again or try a different version - older or newer one.
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