Friday, September 25, 2009

Chameleon RC3 - new bootloader

Release Candidate 3 seems to me to be the last before the "Golden Master". The new support for Snow Leopard is working (even with RC1 and RC2 with the right boot file), everything else seems to work as it should. RC3 has a small flaw though, you can get the binaries at the moment. There is no installer for it, and no proper instructions too. It's definitely a "download", but installing would be risky if you don't exactly know what you are doing. In RC3 you will find support for Leopard and Snow Leopard. In your Extra folder you'll find three new: 10.5 and 10.6 and Common, for extensions for leopard and snow leopard and common kexts.


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)