Monday, December 15, 2008

bhast2 on leo4allv6

Hi bhast, first of all thank you for continuing Eddies11c work on Leo4all!
bhast2 no problem
osx86install By the way what happened to him/Eddie11c???
osx86install Is he still contributing to leo4all???
bhast2 eddie11c personal life came first
bhast2 he got a job that took all of his hours for osx86
bhast2 from
bhast2 I still talk to him from time to time
bhast2 but he is a busy person so really leo4all was handy over to me from him
osx86install How have you started with OSX86?
bhast2 Well I started with tiger
bhast2 running it on older machines
bhast2 just a leecher so to speak
osx86install JaS??
bhast2 yep
bhast2 I ran that forever
bhast2 but than I was asked to start testing to eddie11c
bhast2 and help write scripts
bhast2 for the release
osx86install You managed to set up a team for Leo4all, how many people are involved? Who is doing what?
bhast2 right now I have 4 maybe 5 people
bhast2 jdfkkmdf is something that helps make pkgs
bhast2 Socrates; is helping with putting the iso together and writing scripts
bhast2 EnCoDeD: is helping get stuff ready with pkgs
bhast2 so right now that is the people doing the main work there are people that do lend a hand but do so on the side
bhast2 and of course ME as the lead person
bhast2 and directing everyone
osx86install How far are you with the new v6 release? (90% was posted on irc, do you have a deadline for it??
bhast2 Well with the release of 10.5.6 today I have to get this added to the release so it is at like 95% done but I don't want to rush things. We are testing a dsdt auto patcher right now so that way when you go to install leo4all it will auto do a dsdt.aml file and put it in /
bhast2 Because as we all know 10.5.6 changed the whole ballgame on stuff
bhast2 Plus we will wait on a new Voodoo kernel from the Voodoo team
bhast2 to go with the 10.5.6 update
osx86install What do you think about Voodoo 9.5 kernel? To whom would you recommend it to?
osx86install Are you running it yourself?
bhast2 I would recommend it to anyone that can't run a vanilla kernel. It is by far the best kernel for non-vanilla systems the work that went in to it with the opt-patcher it is a very big breakthrough
bhast2 Yes I run Voodoo on my AMD rig
bhast2 and on my Intel Rig
osx86install Every new release has more and more custom kexts, don't you think this may be the wrong way to go? Shouldn't be the fine-tuning left to the end-user or post installation tools?
bhast2 In some ways I do because with us being able to install retail on any system now with the Voodoo kernel and the boot 132 method, it is coming to a point that we don't need custom dvd's anymore. Because people can buy the retail of Leopard (or get it other means) and use boot-132 to get it to work. Well with the fine-tuning part some people out there just don't know
bhast2 how or what to find to make things work
bhast2 so it is up to people that make custom dvd
bhast2 's to bring that support and ease of installing to them
osx86install Don't you think Leo4All is more popular on AMD than on Intel? (Marvin's AMD Utility, Zephyroth's AMD update tool)
bhast2 I am a big AMD fan
bhast2 Zephyroth's tools are great and he does a great job making them and his update tool I still use it but with the kernel and the auto patching being done no need to patch binaries...


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)