Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leo4all v6 / 10.5.5 / Voodoo 9.5

bhast is looking for some help among us to compile the best osx86 distro ever! So if you have some knowledge in programing drop him a line on irc.
irc server: irc.osx86.hu
channel: #leo4all

To others I will keep you up to date on the works, and maybe even interview bhast as he is our big guy doing all the work for us!!!


bhast interview on leo4allv6


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)