Sunday, January 11, 2009

iPortable - osx86 on USB Stick


>>>Update<<< Chameleon 2.0 for Lion here:

It didn't take long for somebody to make osx86 bootable from USB Stick. Protocol-X and his iPortable is pushing the whole osx86 project in the right direction. Many people don't know how, or they are just too lazy to install osx86. USB bootable version will definitely make them think twice about trying it out or not. The only downside is the size of the image, when it is unzipped - almost 8 GB. Couldn't you slim it down a little bit more, Protocol-X??. We want to take iPortable and show it to our friends and play a movie on it, or just send an email. Hopefully the next iPortable will be slimmed down soon! Protocol-X is working fast there is already second version of iPortable released so be carefull while looking for it to grab the latest version!

iPortable - based on Kalyway 10.5.4, EFI9.0, INTEL only!!! (most of the drivers included)

Protocol-X:"'s meant to repair and rescue your current OS...." - I like that!!!

More on Live Boot options:
Leo4all live DVD (new release planned to boot from DVD)

Protocol-X released updated (10.5.6) version of iPortable. Look for iGenius or read more here: iGenius - next iPortable


You are probably looking for a working copy of Tiger or Leopard, ready to install on a "white box" pc. I can't give you a link to download it, so please don't even ask for it. This blog will inform you about working versions of OSX86. You have to find a copy yourself. (try some popular torrent sites)